framed vintage buttonsRecently I turned to Framewoods Art Gallery for some home decoration and commemoration needs. I had inherited a few buttons, or rather tote containers of buttons, from my late grandmother. The buttons were framed in plastic or not framed at all, just buttons sewed onto cardboard. Some needed preserved because they were cloth.

Part fashion, part function, these buttons, many of which are antique, were special to her. I was proud to inherit some of them. She made the last decade of her life all about button collecting. She even presented educational lectures on the different kinds of buttons. I was a teenager then, and I realize now that I didn’t fully appreciate her passion for this hobby. Perhaps it was more than a hobby. Either way, I knew Apollonia at Framewoods was just the person to give new life to these buttons.

Framed vintage buttons

Framed vintage buttons

A lush mat and quality frame later and my hubby and I have wonderful frames to adorn our home and commemorate my grandmother. Keeping her stitches in tack, my friends at Framewoods of Topeka took these beautiful buttons and made a wonderful memorial to my grandmother that hangs in my spare bedroom.

There’s a lesson in this inheritance for me that came clanging home loud and clear. Spending time with grandma and grandpa was the real treasure. All the same, I am very proud to share this story and these photos of these framed family treasures.

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