Great love stories don’t fit neatly into a small box. Perhaps that’s why one recent customer needed a big box – shadow box to be exact.

Framed vintage wedding veilsWhen Barb Coble brought in three generations of her family’s wedding veils to be preserved by Framewoods, our Frame Design Director Apollonia knew she had a project that would present a challenge. In the end, she proved to herself what we knew all along: she was highly capable of creating a lasting tribute to this family of beautiful brides.

One of the veils dated back almost 100 years and was already framed with the couple’s cake topper (of all things) which created some discoloration on the veil. Getting the antique veil removed from its current frame and integrating it into a new shadow box with two other well-preserved veils was the main challenge Apollonia faced. There were many strategic tucks in the fabric made to bring out the best and hide the worst.

Creating a shadow box that would fit in the customer’s available space was another challenge. 18″ x 40″ was deemed a manageable size.

A romantic champagne-silver frame matched the veils and family wedding photos. Barb’s beautiful veil create a cloud-like base at the bottom making everything appear to be floating.

Apollonia always impresses with her designing talents and takes the necessary steps to preserve your family’s precious memories, artifacts and photographs in a way that’ll make you proud to pass along to your children or grandchildren.

Stop by with your project and watch Apollonia rise to the challenge.

written by Lisa Coble-Krings

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